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[fic] With Time (#5)

Title: With Time.
Summary: Moving to a new time, Dino meets a withdrawn child that prefers to speak with his eyes rather than words. Over the years that doesn't change, but the way he looks at Dino does.
Rating: PG-13.
Word Count: 6,815.
Pairings: Dino Cavallone/M.M., Dino Cavallone/Kyouya Hibari.

( “Will you just shut up and kiss me, Dino?” )
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[fic] Waiting (#1)

Title: Waiting.
Summary: After an accident, it's not just her appearance that changes. A different girl returns to the town she grew up in with only finding her ex-best friend on her mind.
Rating: PG-13.
Word Count: 3,691.
Pairing: Kyouya Hibari/Chrome Dokuro.

( “If someone doesn't open the door,” they started, the look in their eyes close to murderous, “that indicates that they don't want to buy anything.” )
Reborn ~ HibarixChrome

[selling] KHR het doujinshi (1896, 1886, 6996, 5986, 8086, Chikusa/Chrome, Hibapin, 27K, etc)

Prices negotiable!

Please visit my sales page for more info or browse the eCrater store (direct LJ sale is cheaper, tho).

Het Pairings
Hibari/Haru, Hibari/Chrome, Hibari/I-pin, Chikusa/Chrome, Yamamoto/Chrome, Yamamoto/Haru, Gokudera/Haru, Tsuna/all girls, and more

Thank you!

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[fic] A Liar's Parade (#1)

Title: A Liar's Parade.
Author: [info]aimeeshii
Couples: Dino Cavallone/Kyouya Hibari, Kyouya Hibari/Bluebell.
Rating: PG-13 (at the moment).
Warnings: Swearing and sexual situations to be in later chapters.
Summary: In the midst of confusion, three vocalists try to make it within the industry while confronting their sensitive pasts. It just so happened they were intertwined without them knowing.

( Xanxus sat up with an incredulous expression. "Not smart, kid. You'll be banished from singing before you even begin." )
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A few gift fanarts concerning KHR.

Er...I know that I might be late in posting here, but...I wanted to make sure that some individuals get to see these. If they are worthy of being seen, that is.

Anyways, these are black and white (grayscale pencil) drawings of a few pairings. As well as one of the two first girls who appeared in KHR other than Bianchi:

Collapse )

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KHRfest links (Tsuna/Chrome) + (Yamamoto/Chrome)

Title: and the world finally fell into place
Author/Artist: nina_en 
Rating: none
Warnings: ridiculous amounts of fail fluff, I’m sorry. And abuse of italics/spacing haha
Prompt: I- 60. Tsuna/Chrome - marriage; "meeting the in-laws"
Word count: 4, 746 (my longest story ever)
Summary: The two rings on her fingers and the parrallels of domesticity. TYL.

 (Because even she was little bit selfish, and was willing to fight for it. ) 

Title: fallen stars come to rest
Author/Artist: nina_en
Rating: none
Warnings: none
Prompt: VII - 40. Yamamoto/Chrome - waiting; "I thought you wouldn't be home in time for dinner."
Word count: 556
Summary: No matter his efforts, it still surprises her. TYL.

eyes cracking open a little and peering up slowly with one as he rises to rub the palm of his hand into the other "...Chrome?" )