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14 September 2011 @ 12:55 am
KHRfest links (Tsuna/Chrome) + (Yamamoto/Chrome)  

Title: and the world finally fell into place
Author/Artist: nina_en 
Rating: none
Warnings: ridiculous amounts of fail fluff, I’m sorry. And abuse of italics/spacing haha
Prompt: I- 60. Tsuna/Chrome - marriage; "meeting the in-laws"
Word count: 4, 746 (my longest story ever)
Summary: The two rings on her fingers and the parrallels of domesticity. TYL.

 (Because even she was little bit selfish, and was willing to fight for it. ) 

Title: fallen stars come to rest
Author/Artist: nina_en
Rating: none
Warnings: none
Prompt: VII - 40. Yamamoto/Chrome - waiting; "I thought you wouldn't be home in time for dinner."
Word count: 556
Summary: No matter his efforts, it still surprises her. TYL.

eyes cracking open a little and peering up slowly with one as he rises to rub the palm of his hand into the other "...Chrome?" )